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Referee Scheduling Procedures

Referee Scheduling


Region 4 RSS CGI User Orientation PDF


Scheduling Website

Referee game scheduling for Region 4 is managed by CGI Sport’s online Referee Scheduling System (RSS) at:


If you did not referee in Region 4 last season, you will need to create a new profile in the RSS. To create this account, go to the cgisport.com website for our region, and click on the "Please register now” link:

For assistance, see the Quick Start Guide PDF and/or the User Orientation PDF. Please note that you will need your AYSO ID# when registering in CGI’s RSS. This is a new feature from the previous scheduler, and will greatly assist staff when validating certifications.

Once you have submitted your account information, Region 4 will review the request, and upon verifying your registration ineAYSO, you will receive an email when your RSS account is activated. Until then, you cannot use the RSS. [You must be a currently registered volunteer in eAYSO, have certification as an AYSO Referee, and current certification in Safe Haven in order to be activated.

If you have not received a confirmation email for your account after a few days of creating your account, please contact the Region’s Referee Scheduler via email: refsched@aysoregion4.com.  

NOTE: You cannot schedule games without a being a registered AYSO volunteer for 2014 (eayso.org). In addition to being a registered volunteer, you must have certifications for the following:

1.     AYSO Regional Referee or higher

2.     AYSO Safe Haven Training (online training @aysotraining.org)

Additionally, AYSO Safe Haven Concussion Awareness Training (online training @aysotraining.org) is highly recommended due to the seriousness of that injury.

If you need to have your forms turned in, please contact Nicola Bond at nbond@aysoregion4.com to arrange this. (See the Region 4 web site for more info.)

Schedule Issues

The most common problem that people experience is not being able to see available games. From the main page, complete the search criteria (you must search for games selecting at least one criteria), then click on "View Records" button. You should see all available games for your level of certification.

If you made an error in your game selection, contact the referee scheduler via email (refsched@aysoregion4.com) immediately.

If you need to cancel an assignment, you can simply select the word "drop”  (in red text) from the schedule box. This can be done up to 48 hours prior to the match. After that time, you must contact the referee scheduler for assistance(refsched@aysoregion4.com).Please note that "no-shows” will be penalized by removing earned referee points for your team.

The game schedule is set by 7:00 pm on Friday evenings; in order to obtain an assignment after that time, please contact the referee scheduler for assistance (refsched@aysoregion4.com).  

If you are still looking for games, check back frequently the RSS site. Schedule changes for occur every day; causing games slots to open up and open games to get filled.



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