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Thanks for your interest in joining AYSO!
If you did not register by May 18, please go ahead and pre-register online following the steps below. Pre-registration is open until June 1st when registration will go to wait lists and the fee increases to $250. After June 1st, if your child's division has openings, you will be able to pay online and then please email your division director as well. (Found on our Board Member listing under Contacts). If the system does not let you pay and/or shows a waitlist, then you should see that you are placed on a waitlist. Once a division director can move your child into the division, you will be notified via email and will be asked to pay at that time.

Your division may now be on "hold" - with new registrations placing kids on a waitlist - because we need more coaches or referees. Please consider volunteering for one of these positions as we cannot field teams or play games without a set number of team coaches and team referees. We will train you and you don't need to have played soccer or know the game. Please contact your Division Director if you wish to volunteer to coach (6U-18U) or referee (8U-18U).

For Parents

Thank you for your interest in joining AYSO Region 4. For more than 40 years we’ve worked to create a fun, safe, family experience for kids and adults in and around the Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Oak Park and Westlake Village communities. Every person involved in the organization is a volunteer and we ask all families to lend a hand in one way or another. We’re excited to have you join all of us who make this one of the largest volunteer organizations in the area.

To find out more about AYSO overall and Region 4 click here. To find out about the programs and camps offered in Region 4 click here.

Key Details

  •  Fall 2019 is for boys and girls born 2001-2016
    • (Note: Our VIP program for special needs is for all ages of kids and adults)
    • (Note: Aug 1, 2001-Dec 31, 2001 would play 18U. Those born prior to August 1, 2001 are not eligible for Fall 2019)
  • Registration is open to everyone
  • AYSO Region 4 is a 100% VOLUNTEER organization. Please volunteer! We provide all training to let you focus on the fun!
  • PRE-REGISTRATION OPENS APRIL 1 Please log into your existing account (or create a new account) at, update/complete your player's info, and sign up. (NOTE: If you are pre-registering after our walk-in registrations May 4 & May 18, 2019 you can pre-register and sign up for the waitlist. You will not be charged a registration fee until your child is placed on a team.
  • 5U/Schoolyard (2015-2016) has no limit on the number of kids and has no cutoff date for registering and no June 1 fee increase.
  • Please Be Aware No Special Requests can be considered.
  • In 7U-18U - teams are balanced, so we are not able to consider special requests to be on the same team as friends, a particular coach, playing up an age group, carpooling, etc. Please note AYSO also prohibits any player to "play down" an age group. In 6U-8U we try to place one at least one other child from the school as another child on the team.
  • Registration fee thru May 31, 2019 is $195 for first child, $170 for the second sibling, $145 for third and any additional siblings. Our VIP program is $85/child.
  • NEW: Beginning June 1, 2019 registration fees for 6U-18U increase to $250 per player regardless of the number of siblings. Unless you are new to the area you will need to pay $250 per player in 6U-18U. VIP and 5U Schoolyard do not increase their fees.
  •  Registration fee should be paid online with a credit or debit card.
  • If your child was not registered in Region 4 for last Fall's season we will need to verify your child's age at registration with a birth certificate or government ID - please try to bring to Registration or scan/photograph document and upload during your registration or email it to your Division Director after you come to registration.
  • If your child was not registered in Region 4 last year AND was born 2012-2006 (8U-14U) a player evaluation (not a tryout) is required either at Registration or arranged in person before the child will be placed on a team. This takes about 10 minutes and helps us balance teams. Please wear athletic shoes. No ball needed.
  • NEW If your child was born in 2011 (first year in 10U in Fall 2019) a player evaluation (not a tryout) is required either at Registration or arranged in person before the child will be placed on a team. This takes about 10 minutes and helps us get an accurate measure of ability to help balance teams. Please bring your 2013 child to the registration fields at Willow Elementary wearing athletic shoes. No ball needed.
  • Avoid system crashes (hopefully) by pre-registering, paying and doing your printing BEFORE the night before or morning of registrations.
  •  If you cannot find an answer to your questions on this page, or those in need of financial assistance, please contact our Registrar Kathy Sobka ([email protected]).
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Read Before Pre-Registering

Fall 2019 Pre-Registering & Paying Online

Pre-Registration for Fall 2019 opens April 1 for our Fall “Core/Regular” Season (born 2001-2016) and our Fall VIP Season (for kids and adults of any age with special needs). Please read below to make sure you fully understand all new and existing policies for registration and the Fall season.

Everyone Plays & Everyone Volunteers
AYSO is able to provide soccer for every child because families like yourself are active and volunteer. All families are asked to volunteer - this is “the ask” ;-) and expected to volunteer for the team or the Region in one capacity or another. If you're not interested in participating with other families and volunteering, AYSO might not be the best fit for you, but we think you'll like it and find it rewarding as well. We love providing soccer for kids and families and improving the quality of life in our communities and we think you’ll enjoy it too sharing the experiences WITH your kids while making friends at the same time.

Examples of team volunteer positions are listed here.

How To Register As A Volunteer 
AYSO has four specific roles that require someone to register as volunteer every year - Coach, Referee, Team Parent and Board Member. All of these "registered volunteers" will need to follow specific steps detailed on the right of the page. Again, each year you will need to register as a volunteer if you wish to have one of these roles. 

Updated: Referee Development. More opportunities for referees (10U-14U) to train and learn in weekly scrimmages and with mentors throughout the season. We're also planning more mentoring for referees. This will also mean teams in some divisions will have also scrimmage opportunities.

Updated: Post-season requirements - New for 2018 in upper age divisions 10U, 12U, 14U was the requirement that every team that wants to play in our Post-Season Playoffs must have at least 5 Referee points. The full points system is explained will be detailed in our coach manuals and in updated Regional guidelines for 2019. Related to this, anyone 12 years of age or older who meets the qualifications can volunteer as a team referee, We'll provide certifications, training, and mentoring.

Fees For Fall 2019
Single player Registration is $195 for the Fall season. The cost is $170 for the second sibling, and $145 for the third sibling or more. Our VIP program for those with special needs is $85. Please make your payment online when you register your child.

  • NEW: Beginning June 1, 2019 registration fees for 6U-18U increase to $250 per player regardless of the number of siblings. Unless you are new to the area you will need to pay $250 per player in 6U-18U. VIP and 5U Schoolyard do not increase their fees.

Age Group For Your Child
Check the table on the right of the page to determine the division for your child (based on their year of birth). AYSO's National Policies do not permit kids to play "down" - in an age group with younger kids, regardless of their birthdate or abilities.

More Info
At the bottom of this page you'll find more details about things such as player placement and special requests, refunds, printing tips, games, training, what parents are responsible for and coach selection. All contact information can be found on the Board Member page under the "About Us" tab.

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What's Next?
To Complete Player Pre-Registration & Request To Be Placed On A Team
1 - Complete pre-registration, including online payment & E-signature on the registration form
2 - Bring one hard copy of your registration paperwork AND your payment receipt to a Registration event below
(FYI we do not need the Concussion page)
3 - Make sure to bring your child for an evaluation at registration IF your child was born in 2011 OR your child did not play in AYSO Region 4 in the Fall 2018 season and was born in 2012-2006.

Walk-In Registration events for Fall 2019 Season
Sat, May 4 from 9 am - 1 pm
Willow Elementary, Agoura Hills

Sat, May 18 from 9 am - 1 pm
Willow Elementary, Agoura Hills

To Apply To Be A "Registered Volunteer": A Coach, Referee Or Team Parent
1 - Follow volunteer Registration steps noted above
2 - If you are applying for the first time to be a "registered volunteer" for AYSO bring a hard copy of your volunteer form as your Driver's License or Passport to a walk-in registration or to one of our listed clinics for Coaches or Referees (listed on those pages) to be verified and "signed off"
3 - Make sure you review the Coach and Referee page for all training, certification requirements etc, Team Parents should also check these pages for details about how to take the required Safe Haven and Concussion online courses.

Let's Pre-Register & Pay!

Thanks very much for reviewing the details for this coming Fall. To Register your child(ren) please click on the Register Now button in the upper right corner of our website. If you have questions about the Registration process, making payments, etc. please contact our Registrar Kathy Sobka ([email protected])

NOTE: Please make sure that you select Fall 2019 season/program unless registering your child for our VIP/special needs program.

What Volunteer Position Is 4 U?

Thanks for joining AYSO! We are 100% volunteers. Please click here to see the potential Team volunteer roles you are expected to fulfill. We also have a number of Board positions we need to fill for the Fall 2019 season.

Fall 2019 Age Divisions

Birth Year / Division Fall 2019
2016 (age 3 by or on Aug 24)/ 5U Schoolyard
2015 / 5U Schoolyard
2014 / 6U
2013 / 7U
2012 / 8U
2011 / 10U
2010 / 10U
2009 / 12U
2008 / 12U
2007 / 14U
2006 / 14U
2005 / 16U
2004 / 16U
2003 / 18U
2002 / 18U
2001 / 18U
(Aug 1-Dec 31, 2001 only)

Questions? Division Directors can be found on our Board Member page under the "Contacts, Fields, Documents" tab

Division Info & Contacts, Annual Calendar

Fall 2019 Dates, Contacts, Training
Click here for our Fall 2019-2020 season document.It covers Divisions of Play, Division Director contact info, specific guidelines and info related to each Division such as number of practices, ball size, game fields, and elements of gameplay. On the second page is the Region 4 Calendar for 2019-2020 (subject to change) which lists classes, Picture Days, Soccerfest, potential playoff weekends in after November for 10U-14U, etc.

Registering As A Volunteer

AYSO has four specific roles that require someone to register as volunteer every year - Coach, Referee, Team Parent and Board Member. All of these "registered volunteers" will need to follow the specific steps noted here.

If you are a first time volunteer with AYSO we will need to verify your identify with you in person by checking a Driver's License or Passport. AYSO will then perform background checks on all these registered volunteers - this occurs every year. 

Click the link for details steps for how to Register as a volunteer if needed. 

Use your the login and password you used to set up your account on Blue Sombero (this site). If you are not the primary account holder for accessing this website then set up your own account to make sure you get properly registered and get credit for all classes and certifications. 

Please also note we may have Coach Classes for 10U & 12U coaches in May or June. We may have Referee classes at this time as well.


Important Tips
Please Register Early
 to ensure your children are able to be placed on teams (this means completing online pre-registration, payment and attending a walk-in registration. Divisions will fill up since it is often difficult to find enough coaches and referees. Players registered after May 12, 2018 will be placed on waitlists and will not be removed from waitlists until we have a sufficient number of coaches and team referees.

Take Coach & Referee Classes As Soon As You Can. First, we can only have as many teams as we have coaches and referees so handling this in April, May or June really helps us form teams (let your Division Director know you've taken the class). You can go to AYSOU tab on the menu, login to AYSOU and then look under Live Courses to find courses by type or by date. You can take your required courses in any AYSO Region. But be sure to sign up online first to get on the roster of any class you take and the certification should be applied to your account.

Our Refund Policy states that we can provide refunds until teams are formed in your child's division - typically by mid-June. Please be aware that the AYSO National Membership Fee of $20.00 is non-refundable.  For refunds please submit a written/email request to your Division Director and Registrar Kathy Sobka ([email protected]).  The request must include the date, name of the player, division (and/or DOB), reason for request, and relationship of the requestor to the player. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing the request. 

How To Print Registration Forms & Find Where To Click To Pre-Register
If you've already logged out and want to go back and print your registration forms to bring to registration you need to log back into your account and click on the My Account tab on the left side (gold arrow on left). You should see View/Print Form. (purple arrow) Click on it, print 2 copies to bring to walk-in Registration and you are set!

If you need to see where to Register after logging into your account you can click on the Register Now button next to the shopping cart in the upper left (gold arrow, upper right)


Printing Your Receipt To Bring To Registration
Families should have received an email that shows the child's name, what program/division the child is registered in, and the amount that the family paid. If you cannot find and print out that email, you can log into you account and take a picture with your phone of your My Account page showing all "participants"; the picture should include the $0.00 balance.

Below is a screenshot of where to click to print the player form and where to take a picture of the player's account in case you didn't receive an email confirming registration. 

Fall Core Season Specifics

Games And Training
Core/Fall seasons start with parent meetings after coaches are given their teams and are able to contact team families (usually in late July). Training the first full week of August. For Fall 2019 the first games will be August 24, 2019 with Labor Day weekend off and the second game weekend held September 7, 2019. The season has games each Saturday thru November 2 (5U-8U). In 10U-14U regional playoffs begin Nov 2. The 16U-19U divisions follow a shorter calendar season which must end before the high school soccer season due to CIF rules.
Click here for a Listing of all Divisions, Key Contacts and our entire Calendar for the 2019-2020 season.

Games (times vary, usually on Saturdays)

5U Jamboree/Schoolyard: 10 week of play on Saturdays
6U, 7U, 8U: 10 weeks of games on Saturdays
10U, 12U, 14U: 9 games on Saturdays, plus the possibility of 1-2 weekends of playoffs
16U & 19U: 10 games (Saturday and during the week) plus Area playoffs. The season ends before the high school soccer season begins in early-November.

Training/Practices (typically 4, 5, or 6 pm during the week)

5U Jamboree: Saturday-only session of combined skills training and games 
6U, 7U and 8U: One (1) one-hour practice per week - coaches request practice time, not known until placed on a team
10U, 12U, 14U: Two (2) one-hour practices per week - coaches request practice times, not known until placed on a team
16U & 19U: One practice per week until games which may occur 2x week (usually 1 or no practices once games starts)

What You Get & What Parents Are Responsible For
In return for the annual AYSO membership fee (registration), each player receives:

  • Soccer uniform (jersey, shorts, socks)
  • Champion trophies (10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U for 10U-14U League/Conference winners and 10U-18U Playoff 1st and 2nd place)
  • AYSO Newsletters (you can opt-in to National Newsletters when you sign up)
  • Discounts from some sponsors

Parents are responsible for purchasing:

  • Shin guards: Required under socks during games and practices
  • Soccer ball for use during practice (we strongly recommend you write first name and cellphone # on ball):
    • size #3 for 5U, 6U, 7U, 8U
    • size #4 for 10U and 12U
    • size #5 for 14U, 16U, 18U
  • Soccer shoes – Soccer cleats are not required to play but are recommended. To keep our players safe, only rubber cleats (i.e., no metal) with no toe cleat (avoid baseball/football/softball cleats) are allowed.
  • Water bottle – For practices and games, please label any water containers
  • Awards for any non-league/conference winners (AYSO Region 4 does not provide participation trophies in any age group)

Player Placement And Coach Selection

Player Placement
Players are placed on Fall Season rosters based on the AYSO Philosophy of Balanced Teams. Each year coaches in 6U and older divisions are asked to provide detailed evaluations of players in order to accurately balance teams the next season. Coach-generated evaluations are the cornerstone of team balancing. Inaccurate and/or careless evaluations can have far-reaching effects and often lead to player, parent and volunteer frustration and disappointment. Additionally, all evaluations are confidential and coaches should not share or discuss their evaluations with players or parents. Other variables that can affect player placement are factors such as Spring Select experience, positional expertise (goalkeepers) and historic volunteer support by parents.

Parents and volunteers should understand that no system for player placement is perfect and despite best efforts of volunteer regional staff there are always teams that experience more match day success than others. All AYSO regions strive to improve balancing each year and indeed no other board responsibility demands as many volunteer man-hours as team formation and balancing.

Please Be Aware No Special Requests can be considered. In 8U-18U - teams are balanced, so we are not able to consider special requests to be on the same team as friends, a particular coach, playing up an age group, etc. Please note AYSO also prohibits any player to "play down" an age group. In 6U-8U we try to place one at least one other child from the school as another child on the team.

Coach Selection
Persons interested in coaching a Fall Season team must complete a Volunteer Registration Form indicating the desire to coach, complete AYSO Safe Haven training, Concussion Training, and have AYSO age-appropriate coaching certifications or attend trainings to obtain said certifications.

Unfortunately, desire to coach a Fall Season team does not guarantee placement as a coach. All coaching applicants, whether new or returning, are reviewed by the appropriate Division Coordinator, the Regional Coach Administrator, Regional Referee Administrator, Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate and Regional Commissioner. PLEASE NOTE: Coaches are welcome to apply to coach teams in more than one division however ideally a coach will only have one team within the same division.Unless there is a strong need in the division, AYSO may not accept applications for more than one team in a division.

Approval of a coaching applicant is based on many criteria including but not limited to AYSO Safe Haven background check, coaching and referee certification level, field reputation, sportsmanship and disciplinary history, compliance with Area AYSO Region 4, Area 1N, Section 1, and AYSO National Guidelines, Policy Statements and adherence and support of AYSO Philosophies. AYSO Region 4 is willing to give coaches an opportunity to become more educated and develop a coaching style; however, all coaches should be aware that the prime objective of AYSO Region 4 is for players to have fun and develop their skills as an individual and a teammate. Coaches that lose sight of the primary goals of fun and development as a result of an excessive desire to win will be mentored and in extreme cases can be asked not to return to the coaching ranks.

Assistant Coaches, Request, And Retention
Many an AYSO coach began his/her coaching career as an Assistant. Being an Assistant Coach provides a perfect avenue for learning the game of soccer and developing a coaching style. Coaches should select an Assistant Coach that is dependable, willing to learn and above all interested in providing the players with an enjoyable sporting experience. Assistant Coaches in competitive divisions (U10 and older) are urged to have the same certifications as head coaches so that their team is eligible for Area playoffs. It is the desire of AYSO Region 4 that Assistant Coaches be developed in hopes that they eventually become Head Coaches.

AYSO National Guidelines strictly forbid player retention and/or team building by strategic placement or year-over-year retention of Assistant Coaches (and by extension his/her son/daughter). AYSO Region 4 does sometimes place parent coaches together; however, this is generally avoided unless there is a significant underlying reason. The bar for what constitutes necessity has been raised considerably over recent years because, regrettably, claims of necessity historically have been and continue to be the most abused.

Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Parents and Players should be aware that attempts to circumvent this policy is a direct violation of the AYSO Philosophy of Balanced Teams and can be grounds for Volunteer disciplinary action.

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