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Please contact Regional Coach Administrator Corinne Briers ([email protected]) or go Here for all Division Director contact info.


We'd love to help!! Want advice or mentoring? Contact Regional Coach Administrator Corinne Briers ([email protected])

Coach Training Classes

All AYSO assistant and head coaches must obtain certification in each age group they coach. Some Coach Certification Courses must be completed in-person.

Coach Certification Required For Each Age Division

Division Per-level Requirements
5UPlayground and Schoolyard Activity Leader
6U6U online or in-person
7U8U Coach
8U8U online or in-person

(Completion of 6U Coaching Course is recommended)

10U10U online or in-person plus 10U on field

(Completion of 8U Coaching Course is recommended)

12U12U online, 12U in-person classroom and field

(Completion of 10U Coaching Course is recommended)

14U14U online, 14U in-person classroom and field

(Completion of 12U Coaching Course is required)

16U-19U19U online, 19U in-person classroom and field

(Completion of Intermediate Coaching Course is required)

Upcoming Region 4 Coach Certification Courses

Below are the AYSO Coach Certification courses currently hosted by Region 4. If you are a Region 4 coach and the below dates do not work for you, remember that you may attend a Certification course through ANY AYSO Region. Find more courses at the AYSOU Event Training page.

U6, U8, U10, U12 Coach Certification for Fall 2024
Date: TBD

  • U5 coaches take the U6 course. U7 coaches take the U8 course.
  • U12 coaches must complete the online U12 class before AYSOU will allow you to register
  • Part of this is powerpoint class presentation. And part is on field. Dress appropriately for outside skill work.
  • Times and location of each class listed on AYSOU Event Training page.
  • Must register for class at AYSOU before attending.

Intermediate Coach Certification (Two Day Course) 2024
Friday evening & Saturday morning, August 9th and 10th

Details to come ... 


AYSO's The Coaches Clipboard resource page
AYSO's Coaching The Basics info page

Team Volunteer Positions

Every player should have a family member volunteering for the team. This is the expectation and is how AYSO can provide soccer for all.
Head Coach Registers as volunteer, gets training, leads team of kids and parents. Files injury Incident Reports with Division Director and Safety Director when injuries occur at practices or games.
Assistant Coach Registers as volunteer, gets training, helps lead team, assist at coach’s direction, attend practices and games
Referee (may be multiple on a team) Position for 10U-19U teams. Registers as volunteer, gets training; in 10U-14U and older divisions the team referee self-selects games not involving his/her own team; earns points to help the team qualify for playoffs.
Team Manager Registered as a volunteer. Is responsible for keeping the rest of the team informed, usually via email. Organizes the team web page, contact list and snack list. Person may be asked to attend practices for rest room trips, etc.
Field Set-Up/ Take Down If your team is the first or last of the day, you are responsible for setting up or taking down the nets and corner flags. Instructions for how to set-up or takedown goals, nets and corner flags are provided on the Fields page.
Team Banner Collects money and orders banner. May also choose to make a banner. Brings banner to each game and displays on the sideline. (Note that banners are optional). Banner company information is included on the Region 4 sponsor page at
Team Sponsor Helps find a sponsor for AYSO. Sponsors can receive a plaque and the donation is tax-deductible. Sponsor name can be on the team banner. Team Sponsor fee can taken by one or two families and used as a tax write-off or it can be divided across all families. Fee structure for 2023:
5U/Schoolyard: no fee, contact director for sponsorship opportunities
6U: $150/team
7U-8U: $175/team
10U: $250/team
12U: $275/team
14U-19U: $300/team
EPIC: no fee, contact director for sponsorship opportunities
 Region On-Call Help/"Many Hands" TeamHelps the Region when there is a need for a few extra volunteers. This person would be the "go-to" contact the team the Region could reach out to potentially assist with working at an information booth, handing out equipment, picking up donations from sponsors, putting out marketing signs, cleaning up storage bins. Many hands make light work!
Additional Team Positions To Consider
Team Party Plans party (optional). Helps with Coach and Referee gifts.
Kids Zone AmbassadorHelps make sure team's sideline has good conduct during games, helps settle over-ethusiastic spectators, may help act as a field monitor for other games.
Referee Coordinator This person finds a referee for the team for the season. Contacts the Referee Commission for help in securing a referee. Make sure referee is working games.
Team Safety Helps prepare for safety issues. Makes sure coach/sideline has medical kit. May coordinate shade umbrellas or EZ-Up for practices or games, damp cold washcloths/towels for hot days, etc.
Team  Photographer Takes pictures for season to share, post on team page or and use at team parties, Makes sure all are informed about Picture Day and makes sure team banner is at Picture Day.

Basic Technical Skills drills



Here is a listing of some of the AYSO videos that are available on YouTube. Click here to see a more complete list.
Do you have players on your team that are new to juggling? In this week's Coach's Corner, CATZCoach Program Designer and former Major League Soccer star Greg Vanney goes over how to introduce soccer players to juggling. With controlled and numbered touches, Vanney teaches players to juggle by placing the ball where they want it, as opposed to wild touches and chasing the ball.
In this Coach's Corner, CATZ Coach Program Designer and former Major League Soccer star Greg Vanney shares a variety of goalkeeping exercises. Greg goes over the proper way for a goalkeeper to catch a ball on the ground, in the air and mid-bounce.
How to Coach Proper Shooting Technique
In this Coach's Corner, CATZCoach Program Designer and former Major League Soccer star Greg Vanney shows us the proper way to strike a ball. Greg covers the technique by instructing the players where to place the stationery leg, what part of the foot should strike the ball, and more. Perfect for U-12 players and up.
CATZCoach Program Designer and former professional soccer player Greg Vanney covers his "Get Out of Here!" drill with U-8 boys. The drill is perfect for keeping an entire team active and on their toes while working on their ball touches and defensive technique.
CATZCoach President and Founder Jim Liston goes through a few quick warm-up drills that also develop motor skills that will be useful on the soccer field.
Coach's Corner, CATZ Coach program designer and former Major League Soccer star Greg Vanney shows us how to introduce corner kicks to a young team..

The Flying Changes Drill to Teach Transition
CATZCoach program designer and former Major League Soccer star Greg Vanney uses the Flying Changes drill to teach his team how to transition quickly from attacking to defending and vice versa.
CATZCoach program designer and former Major League Soccer star Greg Vanney shows us a simple passing drill called the "passing diamond."
Passing Game - Marbles
CATZCoach Program Designer and former Major League Soccer star Greg Vanney goes over a passing game called "Marbles." Perfect for any age group, "Marbles" helps players perfect their passing accuracy and technique before applying the skill to a real-game setting.

Heading the Ball
CATZCoach Program Designer and former Major League Soccer star Greg Vanney goes over how to properly head the ball.
CATZCoach program designer and former Major League Soccer star Greg Vanney shares a one-two touch passing drill.
Demonstrating quick, targeted touches, Greg starts off with giving players a one touch limit, eventually moving on to two touches. Greg instructs the players to receive the ball while leaving a passing lane open, and approaching the passing player at an angle in order to maintain an open view of the field.
This exercise would be perfect for boys and girls, U-10 and up.
Demonstration of the 2 on 1 drill.
How to Scrimmage with Neutral PlayersAYSO National Coach Instructor John Ouellette teaches the "Neutral Player Scrimmage" exercise to his team. The Neutral Player Scrimmage requires that both teams pass the ball to a player in a neutral jersey prior to taking a shot on goal.
CATZCoach program designer and former Major League Soccer star Greg Vanney shows coaches how to teach goal kicks to a young team.


Region 4 Coach Contacts

Regional Coach Administrator
[email protected]

Lead Coach Instructor 
[email protected]

Division Coordinators:

U5 (birthyear 2019):  [email protected]

6U Boys (birthyear 2018): [email protected]

6U Girls: (birthyear 2018): [email protected]

7U Boys (birthyear 2017):  [email protected]

7U Girls (birthyear 2017): [email protected]

8U Boys: (birthyear 2016): [email protected]

8U Girls: (birthyear 2016): [email protected]

10U Boys (birthyears 2014-2015): [email protected]

10U Girls (birthyears 2014-2015): [email protected]

12U Boys (birthyears 2012-2013): [email protected]

12U Girls (birthyears 2012-2013): [email protected]

14U Girls (birthyears 2005-2011): [email protected]

14U Boys (birthyears 2005-2011): [email protected]

16U (birthyears 2005-2011): [email protected]

19U (birthyears 2005-2011): [email protected]

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