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10U Division Information

How 10U is different from 8U

Larger Fields

10U field is about twice the size of an 8U field. Therefore, learning positions is very important. If kids try to chase the ball all around the field, they will be very tired by the end of the game.

Relevant Laws of the Game

Offside, Pass back to goalkeeper, Direct and Indirect kicks, Penalty kicks, Throw-Ins

Build Out Line

Aids in skills development for players to advance the ball. Checkout out this Instructional Video: Build Out Line Video


Use terminology (Back, Mid, Forward) rather than ‘offense’ and ‘defense’ Goalkeepers are very important to your team. Spend appropriate practice time developing goalkeepers. Goalkeepers anchor the team (offense and defense).


A minimum of 5 players are needed to field a team.
A maximum of 7 players from each team are on the field, 1 player is the Goalkeeper.
If there are 9 players on the team roster, 2 players will be out as substitutes each quarter.  1 player will play the entire game.
If there are 10 players on the team roster, 3 players will be out as substitutes each quarter.  2 players sit out 2 quarters during the game.  The same player cannot sit out 2 quarters in consecutive games.
In case of injury, any substitute can replace the injured player.

A player can only play at most 2 quarters per game as Goalkeeper.
If a Goalkeeper does play 2 quarters in a game, he/she cannot be subbed out 2 quarters in the same game.

Practice Plans

Your Division Director and Coach Coordinator can provide you with as many detailed practice plans as you want. You don't have to adhere to them, but please use them as a guideline. You can find your Division Director contact here.

Also, we have plenty of drills and practice samples here - Check them out!

Keep practices as fun and game-like as possible, while still teaching. You have very limited time during the season. Focus on the fundamentals and make sure they understand the basics. They won't get everything - that's okay. In addition to basic technique and positions/responsibilities, make sure they know how to take goal kicks and throw-ins. Games are often dictated by those two situations.
Need more resources or some drill videos? You can find them on the Coaches page.

Team Roster Distribution

In order to receive your team uniforms, you must submit all the following:
  • Head Coach must be Volunteer Credentialed
  • Assistant Coach must be Volunteer Credentialed
  • Team Manager must be Volunteer Credentialed
  • Head Coach must be signed up for 10U Coach Certification course
  • Assistant Coach must be signed up for 10U Coach Certification course

Team Welcome Email

Once you receive your Team Roster, have your Team Manager send out a Welcome Email to introduce yourselves, set expectations, inform team of Practice Schedule, etc.
Template / Sample Available (or posted)
Set Parent meeting to obtain volunteers (usually before or after first practice)
Team Referee is vital for games and playoffs; we recommend 2 per team.

Rosters are Not Final, there may be adjustments throughout the season


Submit Practice Requests (link) to Practice Scheduler.
Games are played at Brookside so it’s recommended to practice there as well. See this page for a map.
Be aware about Daylight – by mid October 6pm practices will be moved for safety.
At least one certified volunteer, same sex as players, must be present at all practices.
Have all the Medical Release Forms printed and available - always with you!
Practice Equipment (link)
Required equipment on every practice: water bottle, shin guards (under socks), soccer ball (size 4) Optional: soccer cleats, sunscreen. NO JEWELRY.

Uniform Distribution

In order to receive your team uniforms, you must submit all of the following:
  • Sponsor Form and physical check (not online)
  • Head Coach must have 10U Coach Certification (or signed up for course)
  • Assistant Coach must have 10U Coach Certification (or signed up for course)
  • Team Volunteers must be identified and Google Form submitted

As an incentive, as soon as you fulfill these requirements, you will have the opportunity to choose your uniform color from what is available.

Pro-Scrimmage (Saturday Aug 17th)

Take advantage of the Pro-Scrimmage day, it’s a great opportunity to give your team some game experience Games are usually 30 minutes Practice game conditions against another team

Game Day Reminders

  • NO jewelry
  • No pets
  • Trash bags - remind the Snack volunteer
  • Halftime snack (grapes or cuties) is a good idea too
  • Water breaks - players stay on the field, parents bring water
  • Subs - show number to AR and then move away from field and touchline
  • Coaches and Parents need to stay near centerline
  • Coaches should not ‘joystick coach’; observe and take notes for upcoming practices
  • Focus on helping with positioning during a game.
  • No action verbs (pass, dribble, shoot)
  • Parents cannot 'coach' only cheer
  • The kids get confused enough with what's going on. Having a parent direct them only makes it worse
  • Referees are volunteers; without them, we would not have games
  • Let's all HAVE FUN

Game Information

50 minute game, two 25 minute halves with 1 water/substitution break at roughly the midpoint of each half.  The game clock continues to run during the water/substitution break.

Home and Away teams, the first team listed is the Home team. “H vs. A”, H is the Home team, A is the Away team.  At Brookside, the Home team is on the North Side, the side closer to the school building.  The Away team is on the South side, the side closer to the street.

All parents must remain on their side of the field.  This is important so you can bring water to your child during quarter breaks.

Brookside - Neighborhood Conduct

Remind parents to be mindful of the Brookside Neighborhood for parking and driving. We've had A LOT of issues in the past and we don't want any neighbors to complain to us, the school, or city.
  • There is absolutely no stopping in the red zone -- not for drop offs or anything, not even "for 2 seconds"
  • Do not block any driveways
  • Be mindful of crosswalks
  • Neighbors have asked for sheriffs to be present and you don't want a ticket
  • Just arrive early, be patient, be careful

Playoffs Points

20 Points are required to qualify for Regional Playoffs.
9 referee points are Required to qualify for Playoffs
9 points can be earned for Sportsmanship (one per game)
Game Points - 2 points per win, 1 point per tie, 0 per loss


Standings and Referee Points are usually posted by Week 5. Mostly to know whether your team has enough Referee points to qualify for Playoffs. See this page.

Important Dates

Date Event
July 20, 2024Coaches Meeting
July 27, 2024

 Team Distribution

Rosters will be released once HC, AC, and TM are all volunteer certified

August 5, 2024Practices Begin
August 5 - 9Parents Team Meeting
August 9, 2024 Team Volunteer Positions Form Due
August 11, 2024Uniform Distribution
August 17, 2024Pro Scrimmage
August 24, 2024First Game
August 31, 2024 No game Labor Day weekend
September 21, 2024Picture Day
October 5, 2024Brookside practices at 6pm will need to be moved due to daylight
October 12, 2024No games in observance of Yom Kippur
November 2, 2024Playoffs Begin
November 3, 2024 Daylight Savings (5pm practices at Brookside will need to be moved to earlier time or field with lights (WCP or Valley View)

Postseason - All Stars

Player Ratings should be completed in late October - These are used to determine which players can be invited to All Stars, and for next year’s team formation. Rate players based on soccer ability (speed, ball handling, aggressiveness, and overall skills).
All Stars need to be balanced with players that play all positions (i.e. not all the top goal scorers make the All Star team).

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