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New Nov 2021 - AYSO's ETrainU Learning Portal

AYSO is now using the ETrainU learning portal to manage all previous certifications and signing up and taking all future courses online and in-person (Coach, Referee, the 3 Safe Haven courses, Management training, etc.). On this same portal you will also find all courses you've previously taken as well as their certificates.

Click here to download the manual for ETrainU.
For volunteers ("Learners") to access the ETrainU portal you need to be signed in to your account on this website. 

Log in to your AYSO account on our website.
Under your picture in upper right - drop down and select "Account" 
Along the left side click "Volunteer"
You should see 3 buttons immediately under your name - Click "My Training"

This should automatically log you in to the new eTrainU platform.

Information For New & Returning Referees

Registering As A Volunteer and Getting Training For Fall 2022
Steps to be a Volunteer Referee for all referees. (Note - there are no referees in 6U, 7U or 8U)
Updated Nov 22, 2021

1. Register as a volunteer. This needs to be done every year for all Referees, Coaches, and Team Parents.
Visit our Volunteering page for all details for 2022. It will provide details on all registration steps, use of the new eTrainU platform, checking certifications, etc.  Go to the "Register Now" button at the top right corner of the home page. Use the login and password you used to set up your account on Sports Connect (. If you are not the primary account holder for accessing this website then set up your own account to make sure you get properly registered and get credit for all classes and certifications.

Visit the Registering As A Volunteer tab on this website. Then visit the ETrainU portal through your account on this website for all courses and certifications (in-person and online).

2. If you are a brand-new referee, take the online Regional Referee Training Course through ETrainU. If you are a returning referee, go to #3 below.

3. Take the online Safe Haven Course through ETrainU - For Fall 2022 this needs to be done in 2020 or more recently

4. Take online CDC Concussion Course  through ETrainU - For Fall 2022 this needs to be done in 2020 or more recently

5. Take an online Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Course - through ETrainU - This 15 min. online course is a one-time requirement in the State of California. (Save your certificate on AYSOU or upload on AYSOU if you already have it).

6. Take our on-field referee clinic (sign up on ETrainU under Regional Referee Companion Course 10/E/004). Dates are TBD.

Referee Points System For Referees For 10U-14U Teams

Please keep in mind all 10U-14U teams must have at least 5 Referee Points to qualify for Region 4 postseason. 
Also, anyone 12 or older can be trained and represent a team as their referee.
Click here for the full details of the Referee Point System for 2019+ and the Playoff Qualifications for teams in 10U-14U.

PRO Youth Referee Program
PRO stands for Player Referee Organization. It is the standard name given to AYSO Referee programs geared towards kids 18 years old and younger. Anyone is welcome to become a youth referee. AYSO youth referees are also soccer players and therefore the program is named Player Referee Organization. National guidelines state that kids 12 years old and older can become certified Regional Referees, although the minimum age in Region 4 is 15 years old to officiate 7U or 8U games. For questions, please contact Youth Referee Coordinators Justin Rose ([email protected]).

How to Sign Up A Youth Referee As A Volunteer
Please click here for a document to help register a youth referee as a volunteer in the new system

How To Submit The Team(s) You Will Represent Fall 2022 (for referees in 10U-14U)
Select the team you will represent directly in CGI.
Go to your profile and find your team in the Team # box.
IMPORTANTAll referees must declare their point allocation(s) prior to start of the week 4 of the regular season. After that time you cannot add or shift the teams you are earning points for.

Referee Scheduling Of Games
Click below to go the CGI Referee Scheduling Software to select the matches you'd like to work as a referee. 
Link to the CGI Software will be posted here after game schedules are set.
Contact Referee Scheduler David Gardner with questions. [email protected]


Thank you for volunteering to be a referee! 

How To Sign Up For In-Person Referee Courses

AYSOU In-Person Course SignUp Info
Please be sure to make note of the location for each event once those are set. 
Please sign up for in-person courses on AYSOU to make sure you will be on the course roster.

2021 Training For Referees In U10 and Older Divisions - more info still to come
We have two options for Basic referee training in Region 4. You are also open to take the Basic Referee class in another region.

Basic Referee Training - Assistant Referee  -TBA
Click below for the optional presentation to review the in-person Referee course.
Basic Referee Training presentation

Basic Referee Training - Assistant Referee  -TBA
Click below for the optional presentation to review the in-person Referee course.
Basic Referee Training presentation

Referee Training For Coaches in 6U, 7U, 8U 
(coaches are on the field in 6U, 7U & 8U as also act as referees)

U-Littles (6U-8U) Training -TBA (may be incorporated into Coach Meeting)

Additional Referee Training & Meetings
We have many opportunities to hone your skills and learn more about refereeing (note some are mandatory).

PRO Scrimmage (working scrimmages as part of optional training for 10U & 12U referees)
To schedule your time slot please contact PRO Scrimmage Coordinator Justin Rose
Saturday, Aug 21, 2021
Brookside Elementary, Oak Park, scrimmages will be held 8:00 am ~ 2:00 pm

** New Laws of the Game Meeting ** (TBA - may be online only)
This meeting will cover the new Laws of the Game impacting matches in 10U and older divisions. All referees working matches in 10U+ should plan to attend. Coaches are encouraged as well.

Mandatory Coach & Referee Workshop - TBA
Mandatory Workshop in Region 4 for coaches and referees in 10U and older divisions but welcome to all.
Workshop focuses how to be a leader for encouraging player development and how to create a positive and supportive gameday environment that benefits kids, families and volunteers. A brief review of the new Laws of the Game will be held as well. Many raffle prizes too!

Mandatory Playoff Referee Meeting (10U-14U)
Location & Time TBD


Fall Season Overview
Click here for a PDF regarding the Fall 2021 Season with information on Divisions, elements of play for specific Divisions, and the 2021-2022 Calendar (subject to change) which includes a listing of Clinics and mandatory meetings.

Have Question? Need Help?
Please visit our Board Members page (under "About Us") for all Referee Commission contact info.

Want advice or mentoring? Contact Mentoring Coordinators Jorge Paganin ([email protected]) or Ramin Akhavan([email protected])

AYSO'S Whistle Stop Email
Whistle Stop is AYSO's weekly newsletter for referees and referee related positions. Every Thursday, Whistle Stop will contain refereeing tips, interesting anecdotes from other referees, Q&As and other important information. It is an excellent resource. You can also submit any questions or suggestions for articles. Sign up here 

Know The Laws of the Game

Know The Game - Links & Documents
The more you know about the Laws of the Game the better prepared you and the players will be on gamedays. 

Click here for the Int'l Football Assoc. Board Laws of the Game site and resources

IFAB New Laws of the Game for 2019/2020

IFAB announces some changes for the upcoming season for soccer around the world. The biggest changes for AYSO is on handballs, goal kicks (ball is in play as soon the kick is taken (it can be played before it leaves the penalty area) and the position of the goalkeeper at penalty kicks.

Click here for the Laws of the Game 2-page booklet format 2019-2020 (PDF)

Click here for the Laws of the Game single-page booklet format 2019-2020 (PDF)

Click here for the Spanish language version of the Laws of the Game 2-page booklet format 2019-2020 (PDF) 

AYSO Region 4 Documents
Click here to access the August 19 "AYSO TEAM Coach and Referee Workshop" - STILL TO COME

Click here to access and download the July 20 Coach Meeting presentations in PDF (Coach presentations and Section 10 PDI and 10U Build Out line presentation) - STILL TO COME

Click here for the Basic Referee Training presentation to review before the in-person Basic or Assistant Referee course.

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