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Every Coach, Referee, Team Manager, Board member are required to register as a volunteer each season. The volunteer Certifications and Licenses required differ depending on the positions, previous experience, and required frequency of the certification. These cover 1) Background Clearance, 2) Safety Education, and 3) Skills Training. 


In your Account you have the option to volunteer as a Coach, Referee, Team Manager or Board Member. You can do this by clicking on Volunteer on the left menu or when registering a player and clicking Volunteer. Remember all Team Role positions are selected at Team meetings or via communication with your coach.

(download PDF here)
This guide provides step-by-step instructions and screenshots for how register as a volunteer and achieve the required certifications and licenses for a given position. It covers Background Clearance, Safety Education and Skills Training.

Registered volunteers from previous seasons may have completed many of the steps listed below. Steps 3-9 can be completed in any order (if needed).

- do immediately

1) Volunteer Application [every year]
2) Background Check
[every year; permission email trigged by volunteer application] - Scroll down to the Background Check section of this page for info
3) ID verification [one time ever for adult volunteers] Upload both a “selfie” and photo of government ID to your Volunteer account or email both to [email protected]
4) Fingerprinting (Live Scan) [one time ever for adult volunteers if through AYSO] - Scroll down to the Fingerprinting (Live Scan) section of this page for info

SAFETY EDUCATION - complete in May if possible

5) SafeSport Online Training [full SafeSport Core course once every 3 years, then refresher required every year]  - How to access the SafeSport site through AYSOU and scroll down below to the SafeSport Certification section of this page for important details

The three online courses listed below (#6-8) can be found on eTrainU under the "Safe Haven" series of classes
6) AYSO’s Safe Haven [one time ever] - How to find the AYSO Safe Haven Course on AYSOU (not to be confused with SafeSport above)
7) Concussion Awareness from the CDC [one time ever] - How to find the Concussion course on AYSOU
8) Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)/“Simon’s Heart” [one time ever] - How to find the SCA course on AYSOU

SKILLS TRAINING - complete in July or August
9A) Coaching License [one time ever for each age group]. See Coach page for details on the specific Licenses. 
9B) Referee Grade [one-time ever with upgrades possible].  See Referee page for details.
9C) Team Manager/Parent See Team Manager page.
9D) AYSO Skill Development [optional] - The ETrainU portal and AYSO EXPO events offer online and in-person instruction for furthering expertise in coaching, refereeing, and management such as Dispute Resolution, and Leadership


1. To initiate your background check, login to the region website with your username and password.

2. Click on the Volunteer icon on the left-hand side. You should be able to see a list of your certifications to volunteer as well as your "Risk Status."


3. Click the checkbox to the left of Risk Status and then hit the button below that says, "Renew & Update" and that should trigger Sterling Volunteers to send you an email to start the background check process.


4. You should receive an email from Sterling within the hour at the email provided on your volunteer application. If you do not receive an email, make sure to check your spam/junk email folder.


5. Open the Sterling email and follow instructions as soon as possible to get the background check launched.


*NOTE: If you receive a warning about your middle name, simply proceed without providing your middle name.  This is an AYSO system issue but will not impact your background check result.

If you do not receive the email, contact Sterling Volunteers directly at 855-326-1860, Option 3 or by email to [email protected].


AYSO Region 4 is committed to having all registered adult volunteers meet the California requirement for volunteer fingerprinting, which initiated in 2022. Youth volunteers are not required to be fingerprinted.  AYSO Region 4 will cover the cost of Fingerprinting (up to $25).  You only need to be fingerprinted ONCE ever for AYSO.

have your fingerprints done by a local approved provider at your convenience and at no cost to you, follow the instructions below:

AYSO Region 4 has partnered with Capital Live Scan and to streamline the fingerprinting process. The registration system will prompt you to: complete your personal information, select a fingerprinting location, make an appointment through the site, and watch a short video on how to prepare for the fingerprinting session to minimize rejection.

By registering online through that site, we not only get the AYSO-negotiated rate for the Live Scan but the fingerprinting clearance from California DOJ will be sent directly to AYSO and is the fastest way for your Live Scan to be verified on your account.

  • Enter your email address to set up an account with Applicant Services; a login code will be sent to that address.
  • Select your Region number; 10E0004 - AYSO - REGION 4 on the dropdown list.
  • Complete the online form; required information includes your legal name (as it appears on your drivers license or other government-issued ID), date of birth, gender, address, cell phone, and CA Drivers License number.  Your government-issued ID (drivers license or passport) will be checked at the Live Scan appointment.
  • Choose a Live Scan service location from the list and an appointment time.
  • Watch instructional video & review privacy notice.
  • Print completed form/confirmation or save a copy on your phone.


You should not be charged anything if you registered and made your appointment through the updated link in Step 1.

  • Always complete the online form on a computer through the site above (not handwritten) in advance of your appointment
  • Always print out your confirmation and bring it to your appointment
  • Always bring a valid government-issued ID (ie, DRIVER'S LICENSE or DMV ID CARD or VALID PASSPORT)
  • Always note the ATI number from the Live Scan provider at your appointment for future reference

Will I have to pay for my Live Scan? 
Attending an AYSO-hosted Live Scan event or using the updated link in Step 1 above should have no upfront cost to you and will be billed to the region directly.  If you incurred a fee for completing a Live Scan for AYSO, the region will reimburse up to $25.  Please email your reimbursement request and receipt to [email protected].  Our regional Treasurer will respond with a reimbursement form for you to complete as well.

Do I need to get a Live Scan if I already did one for my job or other organization?
YES, you need to get a Live Scan for AYSO. Live Scans do not transfer between organizations and AYSO National will not allow transfers.

Will I have to do this every year?
NO, you only need to get a Live Scan for AYSO once (unless you have a gap in volunteering of 5 years or more).

When will my Live Scan show as verified on my AYSO account?
If you follow the process above, your AYSO account will usually reflect your Fingerprinting as verified within 2 weeks following your appointment date.


If you still have questions, please email the Region 4 CVPA at [email protected] (Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate)


Since 2021 AYSO has used the ETrainU learning portal to manage all previous certifications and signing up and taking all future courses online and in-person (Coach, Referee, Safe Haven / Safety courses, Management training, etc.). On this same portal you will also find all courses you've previously taken as well as their certificates.

  1. To access your eTrainU account, you must log into your Region's Sports Connect website where you completed a volunteer application. Once logged in, you will see the welcome page.
  2. Then click on the 'Volunteer' tab, located on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Click on the 'AYSOU' button under your volunteer record.
  4. Then you will be taken to the training site 'AYSOU'.
    If your AYSOU button is missing, here are instructions on how to troubleshoot. If the instructions do not solve the issue, please email [email protected].


NOTE: If you previously completed the online SafeSport Trained Core class (90 mins) you must complete an annual SafeSport Refresher course (30 mins) before the expiration date of the original completion. Failing to complete the annual refresher before the expiration date of the full course may result in having to retake the full 90 min course, so don't overlook that date.  The 30 min refresher course can be accessed via AYSOU per the instructions below by logging into the SafeSport site with the same account you used for the original class.


Easy access to the SafeSport training is available via your AYSOU account (powered by eTrainU)

1.    Login to your Sports Connect account (your local region’s registration portal).

2.    To access your volunteer dashboard, select the volunteer tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

3.    Click on the AYSOU button under your volunteer record.

2023-05-18 15 03 01-My Accountnbhns.png

4.     You will then land on the eTrainU welcome page.

5.     From the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, click on “Training Library”.

2023-05-18 15 03 34-etrainu - LMS custom eLearning.png

6.      Go to the Safe Haven Category and click on “View Courses”.

2023-05-18 15 18 33-etrainu - LMS custom eLearning.png

7.      Enroll for SafeSport then click on Start.

2023-05-18 15 04 42-etrainu - LMS custom eLearning.png

If prompted to create an account, use the same email you used in SportsConnect when you submitted your volunteer application on the AYSO regional website.  You do NOT need to provide a Membership ID. Please DO indicate your Volunteer Role (Admin, Coach, Official, etc) and for Name of Sport or Community Organization, type in AYSO.

8.      Once logged into the SafeSport site, make sure you take the correct course, which is called SafeSport Trained Core with a course duration of 90 minutes and shows the photo below.  If you take any other SafeSport course, it will not count toward the AYSO requirement.

Contact [email protected] for further assistance.

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